Custom Spice Blends

Full range

We are one of the primary companies in Victoria manufacturing and developing Custom Blends for the food industry. We specialize in Gravies, Boosters (stocks), Seasonings, Breadings, Rubs, and Flavour Enhancers. Our Nice N’ Tasty range is available in both retail and wholesale packaging.

Tasty Spices is a HACCP & ISO 22000 accredited company and we are committed to providing our customers with the highest quality herbs, spices and blends.

To do so, all the ingredients are carefully selected to our satisfaction before being blended and packaged.

Our manufacturing plant is operated to process a wide variety of products and customized ingredient blends. The team here at Tasty Spices is highly qualified, experienced and professional. We work closely with all our existing customers and all new customers to fulfill their ingredient and product application needs. Whether it is for an existing product or a new product, our Food Technologist will try to achieve your goals and help you in every way.

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